Aggregate purchase as a tool for costs reduction


Aggregate purchase as a tool for costs reduction

The aggregate purchase has proved a useful tool in the procurement of goods and services by businesses and institutions. The large cost savings by aggregating demand in purchasing groups has made purchases have added more and more admirers in the business and institutional world.

In the multiple experiences of electronic auctions coordinated by Global Solutions Dragon across the country, we can conclude that savings of up to 50% are reached below the purchase price.

Apart from reducing input costs, aggregate purchase allows companies to improve the performance of the services and the quality of assets acquired through joint purchasing. Dragon Global Solutions have extensive experience in aggregate purchases of energy and gas to a wide range of business sectors and institutions.

As stated above, the aggregate purchase can be used to purchase any good or service that a company can need in its activity: raw materials, automobiles, packaging, IT equipment, any goods… or services as electricity, gas, telecommunications, maintenance, etc. In these years, we have participated in various joint purchases in both public and private sectors:

• Agrifood

• Councils

•Graphic arts



• Shopping malls and supermarkets

• Public entities and associations





• Health and Hospitals

• Telecommunications

• Tourism and hotels

• Universities

Demand aggregation : guaranteed success

• The aggregate purchase process is a very effective tool to improve the management of expenditure and introducing economies of scale in procurement processes for goods and services in a competitive market .

• In many of these cases , the average savings achieved by purchasing groups has placed around 15% of the bid price . In this way , companies or entities that have chosen aggregate purchase, optimize its resources significantly.


The aggregate purchase process step by step

Creation of the purchasing group

Needs analysis and situation

• Establish group needs very specifically.

• In the case of utilities (electricity, gas, telecommunications, etc), comprehensive compilation of data relating to expenditure such as recruitment time, characteristics, conditions and limits of the service.


• Study data, defining the objectives of each of the members of the purchasing group and assessment of their needs. Drafting and assessment specifications

• Preparation of technical and administrative specifications to set the limits and conditions. Thus, the profile of the bidder is determined, and the premises that they must meet to participate in the electronic auction.

Electronic tendering and adjudication

• At Dragon Global Solutions the bidding process is carried out through electronic auction in our robust and advanced platform Dragon Global Marketplace. The advantages are remarkable because it minimizes the time required for the tender and in turn simplifies and gives absolute transparency to the award. The traceability of each and every one of the movements of the electronic auction are recorded so that, once completed, a report which certifies all the historic of the auction is automatically issued.

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