Aggregate purchase of electricity and gas for a City council


Aggregate purchase of electricity and gas for a City council

In early September, in Dragon Global Solutions, we had the pleasure of managing aggregate electricity and gas purchase for the City council of Balaguer . The electronic auction was a success, getting the city council of the capital of the Noguera region average savings of 8.69% in energy consumption of gas and electricity. The electronic tender was divided into 5 lots (depending on the type of energy rate) and finally, as a result of the auction, the adjudication was partitioned between 3 of the 4 participants: Gas Natural Servicios SDG, Aura Energia SL y Som Energia.


Deconstructing false myths about the joint purchase

The result of this electronic bidding demonstrates once again that aggregation of demand is very efficient formula to reduce costs for companies and organizations. On the other hand, also it shows that:

No need to be a multinational or a large corporation to access significant savings on the purchase of different types of goods or contracting of services via electronic tendering:

Balaguer’s population is approximately of 16,500 inhabitants and savings achieved with the electronic auction with Dragon Global Solutions was near the 18,000 €.


No need to be a company of enormous dimensions to participate in the auction as a bidder:

As the reverse auction process is transparent and allows free competition, it facilitates access for all companies that meet the requirements specified in the specifications of the electronic auction. Thus, new companies with less visibility or less known among users, in this case, as they could be in the energy sector Som Energia or Aura Energia, can access the same customers that large corporations. In short aggregate purchase promotes the growth of young or more discrete companies.


In addition, the aggregate purchase …

Favors free competition:

As mentioned, once established service requirements exhaustively by Global Dragon Solutions, all bidders willing to meet them compete on equal terms in the electronic auction, which favors free competition between businesses, whatever it is their size or market share. Thus obtaining services or goods with very specific characteristics or qualities and maximum of companies that can offer them must be able to access the intended operation.


Bids are transparent:

Our innovative and robust platform Dragon Marketplace, records at all times each data and action that occurs during the process of electronic bidding and this makes it possible that in a few minutes can be awarded different lots auctioned and at the same time, it can be certified immediately with details of all movements in a  traceability report.

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