The most important energy joint purchase in the spanish health sector managed by Global Dragon


The most important energy joint purchase in the spanish health sector managed by Global Dragon

Our company Global Dragon Solutions was chosen by the SISCAT (Integral Health System Public Use of Catalonia ) for the implementation of energy joint purchases for the 30 hospitals that make up the joint platform purchase of electricity and natural gas and totaling 200 points of connection to the network. According to the director of Hospital Clínic Infrastructure ( institution also participating in the project ), Mr. Joan Vila- Masana , ” the joint purchase Catalan operation is a reference in the State and has been a success.”

The joint purchase will save 3% on electricity and gas 10% over the next 14 months , in global terms , it translates into a reduction of 720,000 euros on invoices. The operation, formalized last July 13 , has been possible thanks to the management and advisory services in the process of joint purchase of Global Dragon together with the contribution of our experience in dynamic purchases and selection of suppliers through electronic tendering . Our professional auctions platform Dragon Marketplace is self-created and is unique in the market because we have developed our own software that allows us to not rely on other companies , and have full autonomy and provide a fast response and efficient adaptation to our customers .

The strength of our platform

Our director of operations Nohemi Airós explains that “ the strength of our platform is the reason why SISCAT has chosen Global Dragon for dynamic joint purchase ” . In addition to the technological strength , transparency in the whole process of joint purchase distinguishes us as we provide a certificate of traceability of all data of the electronic auction which makes us a very transparent , flexible and competitive tool .


Another of our added values ​​is that it is the only private purchases platform made ​​up entirely Catalan capital. Airós comments that ” electronic tenders offered by Global Dragon allow more transparent selection of suppliers, ensuring competition between them and absolute transparency throughout the buying process .” In this way , participants can attend suppliers an electronic tender with defined rules . Global Dragon is the only platform in Spain that performs electronic tendering selecting bids based on parameters previously defined by the client and adapting to any type of input or supplier either joint purchase of food, energy , packaging materials …


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