ITH obtains savings of 9% in the prices in the first auction of electrical energy


Electrical energy auction: ITH obtains savings of 9% in the prices in the first joint purchase

Electrical energy auction 13-03-2015
Global Dragon Solutions manages for ITH the first operation of joint purchase for Hotels at national level in Spain.

The first auction of energy for hotels at national level, impelled by Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH), has been a success for the organizers, when obtaining an average saving of all the group of 9%, with a direct benefit in the price of the energy for most of hotels.
This initiative has started up with the objective to contribute value added in the area of the sustainability in the hotel sector, and as previous step to the virtual way participation in the auction, through an independent auctions online platform, the interested hotels were united in the first Group of Aggregated Purchase of Energy for Hotels.

At the end of January carried out meeting between ITH, energy and environmental consultancy Bioquat that advises to the ITH and a group of energy companies where presented them the group created, volume total to commercialize and explained them the characteristics that would have the auction, that finally were celebrated that Tuesday, March 10th.
The success of this first auction of purchase was both to the number of implied hotels, and that they have combined his consumptions to go together to this auction, as the results obtained as far as a slope in the prices. In fact, in the auction have been obtained as indexed prices to market as fixed prices, with the intention to give service to the different characteristics for the hotels of the group. With it, all the members of the group have been able to accede to competitive prices, independently of the tariff, and fit them to their necessities.
In addition, and with the purpose of continuing helping the hotels to improve their competitiveness thanks to the saving in the energy consumptions, ITH has predicted to organize of similar way a group of natural gas aggregated purchase. The hotels interested in this new auction can consult information in the ITH website.

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